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The I don't need to see it scam Buying a car without viewing it beforehand isn't unheard of, but it's pretty unusual - so be wary when someone is ready to buy your vehicle without seeing it in person first. A buyer may get into an accident or damage the car on purpose, and then claim that it was already damaged when they bought it. They may then try to make you pay for something that wasn't your fault The aim of many fraudsters is to have you part with your money without ever seeing a car - because the car doesn't exist. It's a simple rule: never buy a car, or place a deposit on a car, or give any money to any person or organisation pertaining to a car, without having seen the thing in real life first. And when viewing for a private sale, insist on seeing the car at the seller's address - where the car should be registered Common scams you should be aware of when selling your car include: Offers to buy sight-unseen. A buyer offering to buy your car without looking at it first should be considered a warning sign. Often, this is part of a larger scam. The buyer will send a bad check or promise to wire money and have a different person pick up the vehicle However, another experienced car shopper flatly stated, I'd never buy a car sight unseen. Everyone lies about something. Clearly, there are many different types of car shoppers who require..

It is a red flag every time somebody wants to buy a car from you without seeing it. Another one is if the buyer refuses to have a phone conversation. Think about it, if he is at sea and can't have a phone conversation, what are the chances he has Wi-Fi to go back and forth with your emails? Sell your call locally, face to face The first step to buying a car sight unseen is learning as much as you can about the make and model. Find out whether any mechanical or electrical gremlins tended to surface in a specific model year and whether any recalls have been issued. A little information can go a long way in ensuring you don't agree to buy a lemon. Take a stroll over to th A person wants to buy my car, has only seen the ad on Kijiji, she e-mailed once, I gave her more information. Then e-mailed back and said she is busy but would pay me through paypal and then have someone come and pick it up. She wants my paypal e-mail and my home address. When I responded and told her I want to look into it further, I then got a response with no string that just said I am interested in buying this, I would like to know the present condition and your e-mail address Which is.

A variation on this is someone who offers to buy your car and make monthly payments - which, of course, won't be paid and can't be enforced or collected upon without considerable expense, if at.. This is the way I now manage it. I ask the buyer to click the buy it now (don't pay until you see it) and if they are not happy when they see it, I'm happy to relist it. It'll come out of your monthly allowance of free listings but it's really the only way I think If you let someone drive your car knowing they have no insurance, you will be prosecuted too and have 6 points and a fine. crikey, Dayinsure.com it is then! Thanks for the help chaps, I really. If you want to redeem your offer and sell your car to CarMax, you have 7 days from the day the offer is made. You can either make an appointment or simply bring the car to us anytime we're open. We'll verify your car's condition, finalize your offer, and you'll be able to leave with payment in hand My daughter was about to buy a car she found on CL. Went to look at it it had been terribly repainted on parts, straps holding on a hubcap, smelled very strong inside of a cleaner. The seller never would talk to her so I advised her take it to a mechanic. It was easier to spend $54 to the mechanic than hundreds in safety repairs. We knew something was up all the vehicles in their yard had one plate on each and a 3/16 inspection on all. Many flags on this sale

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  1. Last week I got a letter from our local car dealer (Hyundai) offering to buy our 2012 Sante Fe and giving out big incentives to purchase a new 2016 Hyundai vehicle. I recall opening a similar letter last year. It went something like this: We want to buy back your Sante Fe. As you may know we have a certified pre-owned program. There has been a North America wide shortage of good, clean vehicles, in particular the Sante Fe. We have selected you because of your vehicle's year and.
  2. i advertised my car for sale through gumtree, and rec'd a text from a guy called pavel milan, with an email address to respond to if the car was still for sale - after a few emails he said he wanted to buy through paypal and would i send my account link to him, he didnt want to view the car??? said once he had paid his shipping agent would collect, and please give him my address - i asked if the car was being shipped abroad and he sent an undecipherable email saying he was at sea, and again.
  3. There are advantages to making an offer on a home without seeing it in person. Helps you move quickly in a competitive market You can still protect yourself with your contrac
  4. Selling your car can be stressful. To lessen the stress, we've listed a few scams that you may run across when trying to sell your car. If you're aware of these common scams, you'll be able to spot them — and that means you can ignore the scams and devote your attention to selling your vehicle
  5. If you want to buy a car from Craigslist, carry out these checks first. Often, online car scams start with the price. If a car is priced unusually low, it's guaranteed to attract your attention. There are several potential reasons for the low price: The seller does not know of the car's recommended value. The seller wants to sell the car quickly. The car is not in as good of condition as.
  6. In some countries, a car owner must show potential buyers a copy of an official certificate of registration, which can only be had if there are no debts owed on the car. In other countries, the automobile's title will reflect that the bank has liens on the vehicle, indicating that the seller has outstanding loans with a financial institution
  7. If Carvana does make an offer and you accept, someone will come to you for an on-site inspection of your vehicle. If it passes, they'll cut you a check then and there. 2. How Do You Buy a Car Through Carvana? The buying process with Carvana is about as simple as it gets. Go to Carvana.com to Search All Vehicles

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  1. g to view your car will usually be complete strangers, it makes sense to take some basic precautions: When arranging a viewing, consider having a friend or family member present. Ask the buyer for proof of identity and check that they have a valid driver's licence
  2. We're not called We Want Any Car for nothing. Unlike some other car buying services, we really do buy any car that is roadworthy. And we'll value your used car for free too! So don't sit there wondering who wants to buy my car? and where can I sell my car quick? - We Want Any Car can help! We buy used cars without road tax, with outstanding finance, or without an MOT. We can.
  3. The agent at the dealer went and talked to his manager, and they accepted my offer without negotiating. I thought I had lowballed them and would get something for $500-$1,000 more than I paid, but they didn't try to negotiate at all. I almost felt bad, because I didn't want to hurt the agent, but at the same time, I will make sure to talk to him in the future whenever I need a new car, and.
  4. As a seller, you must find someone who not only wants to buy your car, but who also qualifies with your lender to take over your current loan. The lender will need a credit report to make sure the buyer is financially fit to assume your loan. If the buyer qualifies, the lender will most likely charge a fee for this

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1 of 2. Mechanic in auto repair shop standing next to car with open hood. If you're thinking about buying a used car, we generally recommend getting a full mechanical inspection from a trusted mechanic before signing the paperwork. After all, when a car has miles on the odometer, it's hard to know what issues might be lurking under the skin The car title is a legal document. Without transferring the car title to the buyer, the seller technically remains the car's owner. That's a dilly of a pickle if the buyer ever wants to sell the car, or the seller is a jerk and decides to sell the car again to someone else and just keep your money. And on the flip side, the seller may continue to be responsible for the vehicle if the title never gets changed out of their name

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  2. My strategy for buying a used car on Craigslist (or from any private buyer): 1. Assume that the person selling the car is a con artist (unless it's a licensed dealer). The vast majority of vehicle fraud is committed by private sellers. Con artists impersonating private sellers have been known to sell stolen vehicles with false paperwork, salvaged vehicles without disclosing damage, vehicles.
  3. In most states, used car sales are understood to be as is. This means the buyer understands that if something goes wrong after the car is driven away, it's entirely his or her responsibility. That means that, as a seller, you're not responsible for the car after it's sold. However, would-be sellers should understand a couple of important points
  4. How to avoid car-buying scams. NEVER wire money or use a bank-to-bank transfer in a transaction. ALWAYS try to deal locally when buying or selling an automobile or other high-value merchandise; DO NOT sell or buy a car from someone who is unable or unwilling to meet you face to face. NEVER buy a car that you have not seen in real life and had inspected by a professional. A vehicle history.
  5. 42.7 million used cars were sold in the United States in 2017.. That same year, Americans were defrauded of $905 million at the hands of scam artists. That' a lot of money. Now, not all of it's related to car buying scams. But with so many used cars being sold every day, it's easy to see how such scams could have contributed to the total figure

They might say they're about to be deployed by the military, or claim they've lost their job and won't be able to pay rent without selling their car. Scammers often have some hard luck story to. What's a car without car insurance? A car that just sits somewhere. So, if you have gone as far as gifting that certain special someone with a car, then perhaps you will go a bit further and help that giftee get car insurance. This would be especially helpful with a car you are girting to one of your children. You may want to find a decent policy that protects him or her from as much as they. Some may even be familiar with the exact car you're thinking about buying. It's Car-Buying Insurance While no inspection is guaranteed to find every flaw in a used car, a trained eye can help you. Vroom wants to make buying or selling a used car as quick and painless as ordering an Uber. Because it does not spend hours selling to customers, maintaining a brick-and-mortar stores, or paying commissions, Vroom can run more efficiently than a traditional dealership. Unlike rival marketplaces for used cars, Vroom buys and inspects all of the vehicles it lists for sale on its. This is my experience of purchasing through Copart. Hopefully, it helps someone out. Within many states, you can buy through Copart without a broker. You can check out your state's requirements here..

How do I get my car back from someone who will not return it - Answered by a verified Consumer Protection Lawyer We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them When you buy a new car and finance it, you legally own your car, your name is on the title and registration, but maybe this slipped your mind: the bank is holding the title in their possession! Remember, you don't have the title. This means you cannot sell the car to another person until you satisfy the car loan in full. If you fail to do this, the lender will still hold the title, and you. There are no pros to putting a car in your name for someone else. No matter how well behaved the other person is, you will not experience any benefit. Anything they do wrong becomes your problem. If the other person has a crash, your insurance pre.. Then, when you return and want to leave without buying, the car keys or the license will go missing. We don't see it that much anymore, Sutton told us, referring to abusive dealer tactics. Same thing happen to my grandson she clam she was s nurse and hot s divorce and got the Toyota Frontier 2003$1,500 was going to have to buy through eBay and eBay would have it delivered they would take the money and when they say we can buy the car they will send her the money but something didn't add up so my grandson get some research and send the money to eBay and eBay would deliver the.

When it comes time to buy a new car, getting top dollar for your current car is imperative. Cars begin to depreciate the minute you drive them off the lot. In general, every year you own a car you can expect it to lose at least 10 percent of its value. On average, after five years, a car is worth less than half what it was worth when new The new-car dealer offered a $1,500 trade-in for my 2003 Expedition. I turned him down and put the gas guzzler up on Craigslist. Four days later I had in hand a $3,500 cashier's check

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If you have a joint bank account with your spouse but choose to buy without him or her, you can still use the account. It won't pose a problem that the account is jointly owned by someone who's not on the loan. As long as you have access to the money, you'll be able to use it when applying for a mortgage Buying a car is a big event and contains several steps, even for American citizens. There are actually very few, if any, separate requirements for visitors or immigrants from other countries who wish to buy a car in the U.S. Nevertheless,..

Impulse buying is a common behavior today. Our culture of consumption enables us to succumb to temptation and purchase something without considering the consequences of the buy 12) I'm Not Very Good At Math. It might sound kind of basic, but you need to check all of the math on any agreement that a dealer puts in front of you, or bring someone along who can do the math. Don't rely on the dealer's calculations. Salespeople thrive on your confusion, and fear your knowledge The VIN is your vehicle's identification number, and is visible on some cars just by walking up to the windshield and peering at a tiny plate stamped to the dashboard. It's also possible to find out a VIN by searching the license plate number, as is a practice in which we partake in order to verify a vehicle's history. Is it Safe To Give Out My VIN Number. That being said, it is. Buying a Used Car From a Dealer. Whether you're 16 or 60, buying a used car can be an exciting experience. But it can also be a big financial commitment, with some industry reports estimating that the average price of a used car is close to $28,000. The more you know going in to the dealer, the better you'll feel driving out

Car Buying & Pricing . Build & Buy Car Buying Service® Why Do I Have to Put an Item in My Online Shopping Cart to See the Price? No, it's not a trick. It's usually a way to get a lower price. My lease is ending on April 1, and because I like the car (and I am over my allotted miles), I've decided to buy it off lease. I've done this before, and it should be a simple process. Junk Car Zone is an easy way for you to get your junk car or truck picked up and receive a payment. If your car, truck or SUV doesn't run, is wrecked, damaged or just simply costs more than it's worth to fix, Junk Car Zone can help. You can have your car removed for free and you will be paid in the process

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  1. If you are buying a car from a dealer and the salesman says he will mail you the title, it's probably best to keep looking. You can't even be sure the dealer owns the vehicle unless you see the title
  2. Many dealers will buy your car for cash without requiring you to use it as a trade-in to buy another car. When you are not in the market for a new car, deciding to sell your used car to a.
  3. I keep everything in my checking and use my debit and ATM card because I get direct deposit and cash burns a hole in my pocket but there is nothing wrong with people who refuse to use the system. And if someone wants to bring 500k cash to a house purchase, that's none of anyone's damn business. I am looking for a house and the owners of a lovely house I saw yesterday need to out in 2 weeks.
  4. My husband & I were told to purchase an itunes gift card for $1oo.oo by someone who we thought was from HP tech support . we were having trouble with our computer at the time & told us that the code on the back would help us fix the trouble we were having . When something like this happens , you can't help but feel helpless, violated & stupid for having been taken . We will never , ever fall.
  5. Always consider your country's or state's law before attempting any type of spying on someone without their knowledge (unless it's your underaged children). Do it at your own risk. 10 steps to tracking your husband's car using an extra smartphone. This is a creative way and tested way that people have tried and gotten away with. It is also the least techy way compared to other methods.
  6. Please see my updated notes at the bottom for new tips on buying and selling in the Facebook marketplace. Today I was on both B105.7 and Indy Style talking about the latest thing to hit Facebook: online garage sales, or the Facebook Marketplace. Are you a part of any Facebook Marketplaces in your area? I'd estimate I'm in 20 different marketplaces in my county, ranging from furniture.

If you want to sell a financed car without paying it off, getting the title will be a hassle, so some buyers may be hesitant to buy. You'll often get the best price for your car if you sell to a private buyer who wants to own and drive the car. You may even be able to sell it for more than its wholesale value. You also can sell without a title if you're in a hurry. If the buyer trusts. If my car is a write-off, can I buy it back? In some circumstances you may be able to buy back your car from the insurer after it has been written off. You need to let your insurer know you want to do this at the earliest possible opportunity. Once a settlement figure has been agreed, the insurer takes ownership of the vehicle. Most insurers. The strategy used by cash-for-homes companies is to negotiate the lowest price possible for your home. They'll typically offer 50% to 70% of a home's fair market value. 1 . These buyers will sometimes take title subject to your existing loan, meaning that they'll take over your mortgage payments In this blog, we take a look at how to buy someone out of your mortgage. Work it out. To have complete ownership of the property, you will need to buy the other person out of the mortgage and have their name removed (known as a Notice of Correction). You can start this process by having your home valued. This gives you an idea of how much you. I'm buying a vehicle from a private seller. How long do I have to register and title the vehicle? If you're planning on using the vehicle, you have 2 business days to perform these transactions. I'd like to buy a vehicle from my next-door neighbor, but there's a lien showing on the title. Is it OK to proceed with the sale

Before buying a car, you must satisfy yourself that the seller either owns it or is entitled to sell it. Before test driving a car, check with your insurance company you're covered to drive another car. If you're not, arrange temporary cover. Take proof of your insurance with you when going to view the car. Consider taking a friend with you, and if possible view the car in daylight. Check. The short answer is yes, it is possible to sell a car without a title in some cases, but there are a few things to be aware of. The last situation you want to be in is being ready to complete a sale but not being able to do so. Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE . The state you live in comes into play since the laws differ from one place to the next. There's also the car's history to look at. Meaning. Here are seven questions to ask yourself about selling or buying a home that's off the market. It happens all the time. Sue hears that a friend of a friend, Bob, is looking to buy a place. Turns out, Sue is looking to sell her home. Or a guest in someone's one-of-a-kind home tells the owners they'd love to buy the property, should the. Car insurance policies written for personal use—that is, for everyday driving to work and other errands—will probably never cover you while someone else is renting your car on Turo. Those policies are designed and priced to cover a private driver, not a car driven by a new stranger every weekend. So you can't just reject Turo's coverage and rely on your own personal policy If someone uses your debit card without your authorization, you can report the incident to your local police for an investigation so that charges can be pressed if necessary. In addition to also letting your bank know about the fraud, you can report the incident to the FTC. Reporting to Your Bank. If you see what appear to be fraudulent charges on your debit card statement, your card gets.

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See the online credit card applications for details about the terms and conditions of an offer. Reasonable efforts are made to maintain accurate information. However, all credit card information is presented without warranty. When you click on the Apply Now button, you can review the credit card terms and conditions on the issuer's web site Most times, these are harmless actions, but as some experts and card users will tell you, sometimes there are consequences. In general, I'm no more likely to loan someone my card than I am my car. Either way, you're accepting liability for someone else's actions, says Liz Weston, a columnist for MSN Money and personal finance author. With Ask to Buy, when kids want to buy or download a new item, they send a request to the family organizer. The family organizer can use their own device to approve or decline the request. For example, if a child wants to buy an app, the family approver can see the app and decide whether to allow it Obviously, some times it's not convenient for new lovers to automatically spend the night after having sex. But the man who wants to have a real and intimate relationship with you, wants to know what's like to lay in bed after sex and just talk. He wants to know what it's like to wake up together and have some morning juice and a cup of coffee. You will see that it will work more effectively than an objective argument! 8. Present yourself as a business representative, consultant or advisor. If you are still wondering how to convince customer to buy your product, here's our next tip. Just to clarify - we are not suggesting that you should introduce yourself as a business consultant if you are not working as one, or manipulate and lie.

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When she makes you cookies or a card, it shows she is willing to spend some time making you happy. If she makes you a gift, you should definitely make a move. 10. She Calls You or Writes You Often . When a woman is truly interested in you, you will notice that the number of calls/texts/little notes you receive will increase with time. This is because she wants to know how you are doing and. Any car insurance claim - whether it's on your own policy or on someone else's - could potentially see your premium rise in future. The plus side here is that, when you claim on another person's policy, your no-claims bonus isn't affected and there's no excess to pay Here are some of the red flags, and I've reported the site to its registrar (whatever good that does): You just met him, and are pretty much a stranger, but he wants to send you money and pay your rent. Without meeting you, after just 2 days, he knows you are good. The reason is unrealistic. He has too much money. Not impossible, but a red. 2 day's ago she looked at me as I got In my car as I made a U turn she looked thinking I wasn't looking, I slowed down to get a very good look at her face and sure enough she was looking but knew I caught her and turned around. Yesterday my dad said she looked at him looking for me. Even my dad wants to go talk to her because he knows she's interested he's talked to her and that's how I met.

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Someone wrote and wanted to buy it now. I asked them what they had in mind for price, they made me a very fair offer, much more than I thought I would get. There were no bidders, so I ended the auction and put the item in my store. Interested person purchased It's impossible to have a healthy relationship with someone who doesn't want to see you succeed. It's one thing for your partner to provide constructive criticism, or to express frustration if. Car lovers are extremely particular about their rides, so buying gifts for them can be tough. As a car enthusiast myself, here are the gifts to give My car had 95K miles and would likely need a new timing belt, tires, and possibly head gaskets replaced in a year or so. It seems like their purchasing algorithm does not take these things into account and seeing as my car was under 100K miles and had no mechanical issues, I got a decent offer (especially compared to local dealers) Here's how to buy a car without getting over your head in debt or paying more than you have to. 1. Get preapproved for a loan before you set foot in a dealer's lot. The single best advice I can.

If the car of a deceased person doesn't have anywhere in particular to go, it can be sold by the executor. The person buying it is legally responsible for the title and name transfer, but the executor must supply the right documents so the car can be transferred. Gather the documents before you list the car for sale Dear Lifehacker, I need to sell an old car that's seen better days. I don't have a lot of money for repairs, but I also desperately need to sell the car so I can buy a new used car. How should I. Really wants to continue to get kniw me to see if we are able build a relationship. I told him that at the moment i and i am tallking to other guys to keep my options open. He said that he was shock and hurt. He also said during the same conversation he LUV me meaning cares for my wellbeing. I tld him i am not into the other guy i am talking with him i enjoy his company. Should i continue eith. Used cars for sale. All used makes. Vans and commercial vehicles. New car awards. Used car awards

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I sold my car to someone about 4 -5 years ago but the new owner never transferred the title. The engine was shot and he was going to see if he could get it going. I get a letter in the mail (from the police dept) saying the car was impounded and that I had 20 days or it was going up for auction and any cost remaining would be my responsibility The easiest way to sell your car is to trade it in when you buy a new one or to sell it to a car buying service but this will give you the lowest price. Selling privately should get you more cash, assuming you can find a buyer, but won't be as convenient. You'll have to: find space for two cars at home; arrange and pay for advertising; maintain insurance cover and car tax on two cars; deal.

Whether the car title needs to be assigned to a particular beneficiary or whether it needs to be titled to someone who wants to buy the car from the estate, the executor will need to use Form 130-U Application for Texas Title and/or Registration from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles along one of their Letters Testamentary that they received from the probate court to make the transfer The trade in value of a car with a bad engine will depend on a couple of factors, including its year, make and model, what condition it's in otherwise, your location and more. You might get anywhere from $200 to several thousand dollars for your vehicle. The best way to find out how much you can sell your car with a blown engine for is to get.

And you can drive the car before you buy it. 3. The dealer is motivated to sell cars in inventory. The dealer has a monetary investment in the cars, trucks, and vans that are already on the lot. My problem is people signing monthly contracts, then cancelling their credit cards after the payment is due. I've never seen anything like this in the business world in my LIFE. And the credit card companies keep sending them new cards, so they can just keep doing this over and over, buying services and then cancelling. It's a type of theft. The more cars I buy, the less tolerant I become of lies. If a dealership can't give me an out-the-door price on a car, I walk. If they fudge a price, I walk. If a salesperson tries to steer me to. However, if someone takes your debit card on an Xbox-buying spree, that's a few hundred dollars missing from your bank account until the situation is fixed. If someone does it with your credit. They buy because they perceive some benefit to those features. Unfortunately, most sales and marketing messages talk about features and let the customers try to figure out the benefits

The process of buying a car from a regular person can be complex. The seller may have a loan on the car. Both sides need to have the proper paperwork and determine how to exchange a large sum of money safely. You also need to think about car insurance, which is required in almost every state. (We can help you get car insurance quotes here. The same is true of navigation systems, moon roofs, DVD players, wheels, etc. If you decide to adapt the car to fit your desires, be sure to see what it will look like when finished. Ask if the item being added is factory or aftermarket, this can affect quality and warranty. Add-on items generally cost a little more than the same option from the factory but is often much cheaper than the. A soft check shows what rates you may qualify for without hurting your credit score, but it may not be as accurate as a hard inquiry, which does impact your credit. Ask potential lenders what method they use and remember: you'll most likely have to go through a hard pull at some point in the car-buying process. Credit bureaus allow a 14-day shopping window where all pulls count as a single.

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Buy your own car insurance policy for the vehicle. As mentioned above, one option is to simply apply for car insurance in your own name to drive another car. Just be aware that you may need to shop around to find a suitable policy as some insurers will only allow you to drive someone else's car if it belongs to: A spouse, partner or civil partner; An employer; A parent; A car leasing company. They may have a $50,000 boat to sell to you or want to buy a $45,000 car from you, but somehow they are always out of the country on business, in in the army, whatever. In the real world, anyone buying or selling something for more than a few hundred dollars, wants to see it first. And especially when renting a house or apartment

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My car wouldn't start when I went to leave my son's physical therapy appt yesterday. I got a jump. Looks like it's time for a new battery. infinitesoftech on December 17, 2015: Thanks for this article; I happen to be having starting problems with my car which went into the garage today. A while ago the battery terminal corroded and I had a new. See my point? Didn't think so. If you didn't like the price manager gave you then go somewhere else and buy a car. Don't get upset because he knew what he wanted to get for his merchandise. It. 6 Reasons You Should Never Buy or Sell a Home Without an Agent By Rachel Stults. Feb 4, 2016. Share. It's a slow Sunday morning. You've just brewed your Nespresso and popped open your laptop. If you know what to look for and how to buy a small business, buying an existing operation can be a great opportunity to step into the company without having to start from scratch.If you buy a turnkey operation, you can skip the startup phase entirely and begin operations as soon as the sale is complete; everything is already set up and ready to go Vehicles depreciate in value quickly, so when you buy a new vehicle, you can expect it to continuously decrease in value from the moment you take ownership. In fact, a new car may decreases in value by 25% in the first year. 2. The best thing you can do is to let someone else take the initial hit by buying a slightly used vehicle that is a year.

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My son and myself are on benefits, we live in the countryside and my ex wife I live in the same house although we are divorced as friends and our sons live in the same house, my son is my carer and also because buses don't run after 5pm is desperate for a car to use as am I to get out of my home, what is wrong with my ex wife leasing a car or buying it so that everybody including herself can. My car was parked and crashed into by someone driving reckless I was not aware in the car I filled the claim thru the at fault driver insurance company the adjuster totaled out my car but stated I have to wait to be compensated for my loss what does that mean for me to get a lawyer even though I wasn't in the car but have the police repor

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