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Respect facts and employ reason. Join us! Membership is free Hundreds of Jobs for Scientists in Europe: Free Weekly Newslette Climate change impacts in Europe The observed changes in climate are already having wide-ranging impacts on ecosystems, the economy and on human health and well-being in Europe. New records continue to be set on global and European temperatures, sea levels and reduced sea ice in the Arctic. Precipitation patterns are changing, generally making wet regions in Europe wetter and dry regions drier. Glacier volume and snow cover are decreasing. At the same time, climate-related.

This is the fourth 'Climate change, impacts and vulnerability in Europe' report, which is published every four years. This edition aims to support the implementation and review process of the 2013 EU Adaptation Strategy, which is foreseen for 2018, and the development of national and transnational adaptation strategies and plans Climate change, impacts and vulnerability in Europe 2016 Humans have significantly changed the climate and increased the magnitude of many extreme weather events • Climate change is continuing globally and in Europe. Land and sea temperatures are increasing This report is an indicator-based assessment by the EEA of past and projected climate change and its impacts on ecosystems and society in Europe Climate change, impacts and vulnerability in Europe 2016. This report is an indicator-based assessment of past and projected climate change and its impacts on ecosystems and society. It also looks at society's vulnerability to these impacts and at the development of adaptation policies and the underlying knowledge base Semantic Scholar extracted view of Climate change, impacts and vulnerability in Europe 2016 - An indicator-based report by Hans-Martin Füssel et al

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  2. Climate change, impacts and vulnerability in Europe 2016 Dr Hans Bruyninckx I 25 January 2017 I Brussels 2016 EEA report on climate change, impacts and vulnerability
  3. Report launch: Climate change, impacts and vulnerability in Europe 2016 Launched on 25 January, the newest edition of the European Environment Agency's report on climate change impacts in Europe was covered widely by media outlets both in the EU and in other parts of the world. Influentia
  4. This European Environment Agency (EEA) report presents information on past and projected climate change and related impacts in Europe, based on a range of indic The report also assesses the vulnerability of society, human health and ecosystems in Europe and identifies those regions in Europe most at risk from climate change

According to the 'Climate change, impacts and vulnerability in Europe 2016' report by the European Environment Agency1, climate change is also affecting ecosystems, economic sectors and human health and well-being in Europe. Average European temperatures and sea levels are rising, while sea ice in the Arctic region is shrinking The European Environment Agency (EEA) is currently developing a report on national climate change impact, vulnerability and risk assessments in Europe to be published in 2018, extending the findings of this study, which is based on a desk review, complemented by in-depth interviews with a limited number of countries in adapting to the effects of climate change. This book outlines the impact of climate change in four developing country regions: Africa, Asia, Latin America and small island developing States; the vulnerability of these regions to future climate change; current adaptation plans, strategies and actions; and future adaptation options and needs

However, an ISO-Norm (ISO/DIS 14091: Adaptation to climate change — Guidelines on vulnerability, impacts and risk assessment) will be published, which contains a selection of good tools. National CCIVAs in Europe follow in general the sequence mentioned above. The choice of methods and approaches is ultimately influenced by the expectations, focus and purpose of the assessment as well as resource constraints. Th Climate change, impacts and vulnerability in Europe 2012 Author(s): European Environment Agency (EEA) Year: 2012 Publisher: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities (Luxembourg City Brief for GSDR - 2016 Update Gendered vulnerabilities to climate change: Insights from the semi-arid regions of Africa and Asia Nitya Rao, University of East Anglia, UK; Daniel Morchain, OXFAM GB, UK* Key Points and Recommendations • Gender is not just about women, but the arrangement of roles, responsibilities and relations between men and women of different social groups, ages. You are here: Eionet Forum NRC Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation Library EEA products (on climate change adaptation) for review Urban adaptation report 2016 Urban adaptation to climate change in Europe 2016 3 The road to adapt and transform cities into attractive, climate-resilient and sustainable places 01

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Impacts of changing climate and water resources on thermoelectric and hydropower usable capacity were quantified for 2010-2039 (2020s), 2040-2069 (2050s) and 2070-2099 (2080s) relative to. The impacts of climate change on food production, prices, and trade for the United States and globally have been widely examined, including in the recent report Climate Change, Global Food Security, and the U.S. Food System. 7 An overall finding of that report was that climate change is very likely to affect global, regional, and local food security by disrupting food availability. Such an approach drove a research program on 'Poverty and climate change' at the World Bank, which led to the publication of the report Shock Waves: Managing the Impacts of Climate Change on Poverty, published in 2016 (Hallegatte et al., Reference Hallegatte, Bangalore, Bonzanigo, Fay, Kane, Narloch, Rozenberg, Treguer and Vogt-Schilb 2016). Multiple in-depth studies were conducted as part of this work program, and this special issue compiles most of the research that took. European Union's vulnerability to climate change stretches far beyond its borders because many of its economic sectors, such as meat and dairy, use raw materials sourced from far afield. Cross. Although climate change is an inherently global issue, the impacts will not be felt equally across the planet. Impacts are likely to differ in both magnitude and rate of change in different continents, countries, and regions.Some nations will likely experience more adverse effects than others

climate change may also worsen the most lingering environmental threats such as deforestation, water scarcity and land degradation, which often hit the poorest the most.6 Moreover, these changes could have a direct human toll, for example due to an increase in natural disasters. Poverty and climate change are closely related. The poorest and most disadvantaged groups ten Measuring the health effects from climate change can only be very approximate. Nevertheless, a WHO assessment, taking into account only a subset of the possible health impacts, and assuming continued economic growth and health progress, concluded that climate change is expected to cause approximately 250 000 additional deaths per year between 2030 and 2050; 38 000 due to heat exposure in.

Several attempts have been made to model the impact of climate change on future food prices. 15 The modelled impacts vary considerably, depending on the underlying model parameters, climate scenarios, adaptation responses, and data employed. However, in the vast majority of cases the models find higher prices with climate change than without. Taking the mean of nine different models all using. These guidelines of the Interministerial Working Group on Adaptation to Climate Change of the German Federal Government (IMA Adaptation) provide methodological recommendations for the execution of climate impact and vulnerability assessments at regional and national level. They are intended to support the methodical preparatory work. The guidelines are aimed at federal and state (Land.

Climate change, impacts and vulnerability in Europe 2016

impacts of climate change and adaptation on Lyme borreliosis (LB) in Europe. LB is the most common vector-borne disease in Europe. The highest incidence is reported from Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, and Slovenia, as well as from the northern countries bordering the Baltic Sea. LB is a multi-system disorder that is treatable with antibiotics, but may lead to severe complications of the. particularly those in western europe, have already taken significant strides in preparing their cities, industries and people for the threat of extreme heat (laaidi 2013). it is vital that australia does the same. iv THE SILEN T KILLER: CLIMATE CHANGE AND THE HEALTH IMPACTS OF EXTREME HEAT. Worsening hot days, hot nights and extended periods of hot weather— heatwaves—are some of the most. In Europe, land temperatures in 2007-2016 were around 1.6°C warmer than in pre-industrial times. Particularly high warming has been observed since 1960 over the Iberian 1 Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, The Council, The European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions: An EU Strategy on adaptation to climate change, COM(2013) 216 final. The. Climate change, poverty, and inequality are the defining issues of our age. The World Bank Group is the biggest multilateral funder of climate investments in developing countries. And we intend to go further in helping countries reduce poverty and rise to the challenges of climate change

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  1. Health effects of climate change include an increase in the prevalence of allergic respiratory diseases, exacerbations of chronic obstructive lung disease, premature mortality, and declines in lung function. 41,42 Climate change, mediated by greenhouse gases, causes adverse health effects in the most vulnerable patient populations, such as the elderly, children, and those in distressed.
  2. This study assessed social vulnerability level, impacts and adaptation strategies to climate change in rural communities in four ecological zones in Ghana. Primary data were collected through questionnaires and interviews from 196 households in 1
  3. In 2016, the 15 countries with the highest vulnerability to natural hazards were LDCs, LLDCs and SIDS. These countries are disproportionately affected by the negative impacts of climate change and.
  4. Climate-induced disasters are impacting human well-being in ever-increasing ways. Disaster research and management recognize and emphasize the need to reduce vulnerabilities, although extant policy is not in line with this realization. This paper assesses the extent to which vulnerability to food shortage, as a result of social, demographic, and resource conditions at times of climatic.

Nairobi work programme on impacts, vulnerability and adaptation to climate change. Informal consultations convened, co-facilitated by Ms. Monika Antosik from Poland and Mr. Majid Shafipour from Iran. Draft conclusions adopted as presented. Progress in implementing activities under the Nairobi work programme on impacts, vulnerability and. Some climate change impacts may be beneficial. Climate change can affect coldwater fisheries in several ways: Streams in urban or severely eroded areas make cold water fisheries more vulnerable to climate change impacts. Increased precipitation in rural areas may make cold water fisheries more resilient to climate change impacts Aquaculture continues to significantly expand its production, making it the fastest-growing food production sector globally. However, the sustainability of the sector is at stake due to the predicted effects of climate change that are not only a future but also a present reality. In this paper, we review the potential effects of climate change on aquaculture production and its implications on. Climate change in Germany is leading to long-term impacts on agriculture in Germany, more intense heatwaves and coldwaves, flash and coastal flooding, and reduced water availability.Debates over how to address these long-term challenges caused by climate change have also sparked changes in the energy sector and in mitigation strategies. . Germany's energiewende (energy transition) has been a. 26 April 2016. News release. Manila, Philippines . WHO/Y. Shimizu. The World Health Organization Regional Office for the Western Pacific issued a new report Human health and climate change in Pacific island countries, that scientifically analyzes the impact of climate change on the health and adaptation strategies and evidence-based policy options for Pacific island countries. Thirteen Pacific.

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Climate change impacts health in a number of ways: directly, through extreme weather or changes in temperature; and indirectly through changes to natural systems that result in crop failures, expanding disease vectors, and displacement of persons. These mechanisms contribute to human vulnerability to disease and injury, diminished occupational and mental health, and risks posed by resource. In future, climate change is not expected to alter total annual rainfall for Singapore. However, in the medium term of the next 30 years, changes to rainfall patterns, both in the excess and lack. to the impacts of climate change in six crucial sectors: agriculture, forestry, biodiversity, water resources, coastal zone management, and disaster risk management. Government of India has taken several steps to address climate change and reduce the vulnerability of rural populations to adverse impacts of climate change through implementation of National Mis-sions and preparation of State. Impacts of Climate Change on Migration.' The PCCM project is a three-year project (2013-2016) funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). United Nations University staff involved in the development of. Climate change in Argentina is predicted to have significant effects on the living conditions in Argentina.: 30 The climate of Argentina is changing with regards to precipitation patterns and temperatures. The highest increases in the precipitation (from the period 1960-2010) have occurred in the eastern parts of the country

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In many areas, climate change is likely to increase water demand while shrinking water supplies.This shifting balance would challenge water managers to simultaneously meet the needs of growing communities, sensitive ecosystems, farmers, ranchers, energy producers, and manufacturers Europe and Central Asia ; Latin America and Caribbean recently Government created People's Survival Fund that supports communities and local governments to adapt to the impacts of climate change. Moving Forward . There is a vision and a sustained Government commitment to move forward. The focus of the reform effort on budget mobilization to address climate risks will shift to further. 8 December 2016. Downloads. The effects of climate change are devastating people's lives, livelihoods and food security in South Asia and increasingly contributing to or driving migration. South Asia has a long history of migration as conflict, poverty, land access and ethnicity have pushed people out and development, livelihoods, seasonal.

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  1. ing three questions: the (static) impact on poor people's livelihood and well-being; the.
  2. MINI-SYMPOSIUM Climate change and human health: Impacts, vulnerability and public health* A. Hainesa,*, R.S. Kovatsa, D. Campbell-Lendrumb, C. Corvalanb aLondon School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Keppel Street, WC1E 7HT London, UK bWorld Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland Edited version presented in December 2005 by Professor Sir Andy Haines as the 102nd Harben Lecturer for the Roya
  3. The vulnerability to and impact of climate change is a major concern to ASEAN. According to the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released in 2014 observed that human influence on the climate system is clear, and recent anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases are the highest in history. Average temperature trends in Southeast Asia have been.
  4. Uganda, located in East Africa, is a landlocked country with an area of 241,550 km 2 of which 17% is occupied by open water and swamps, and the rest is open land. Its population is about 32 million and is growing at the rate of about 3.2 percent per annum. Uganda's economy has grown at a slower pace recently, subsequently reducing its impact.
  5. This research paper offers an overview of expected climate change impacts, vulnerabilities, and the main policy actions undertaken in Europe to adapt to such changes. Regional and sectoral challenges that European countries expect to tackle with regard to climate change impacts and vulnerabilities are presented in the first section. The second section shows estimated costs of climate change.
  6. Main content area. Climate change impacts, adaptive capacity, and vulnerability of European forest ecosystem

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  1. In 2016, the European Union has still to emerge from the crisis, even if the economy is showing encouraging signs of recovery, particularly as regards the unemployment rate, which has been falling steadily since 2011. On the political level, the major event in the European Union in 2016 was the referendum in the United Kingdom on 23 June, which saw British voters decide to leave the EU. The.
  2. health impacts of climate change using expert judgement Box 16 Qualitative health storylines help explore potential future health risks in tashkent, Uzbekistan Box 17 Developing quantitative projections of the health impacts of climate change in Oceania Box 18 Standardized reference emission scenarios (SR eS
  3. In 2016 the Myanmar Climate Change Alliance, comprised of UN-Habitat, UN Environment and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation, in collaboration with WWF and Columbia University conducted a detailed climate change vulnerability assessment of Labutta Township. Labutta is located at the southern tip of the Ayeyawady Delta Area region in Myanmar and is home to around.

Adults in the Americas and Europe are most likely to be aware of climate change and perceive it as a very or somewhat serious threat to themselves and their families. In sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and the Middle East/North Africa regions, where populations are more likely to be vulnerable to the effects of climate change, the perceived threat is nonetheless relatively low and far more subdued. understanding the vulnerability of materials to climate, to reliably assessed future impact 2. monitoring change, especially on decadal and even century-long time scales 3. modeling and projecting changes in heritage climate at high spatial and temporal resolution, with a estimate of reliability 4. developing tools to manage cultural heritage in a changing climate 5. preventing damage by. Fish stocks all over the world are on the verge of collapse due to the twin effects of climate change and overfishing, and scientists warn this could lead to widespread malnutrition throughout poorer countries in tropical climates. Oceans have absorbed more than 93 percent of the heat generated by human activity since the 1970s, according to a. Table 1 Impacts of Climate Change, Vulnerability, and Adaptive Capacity 3 Table 2 Potential Impacts of Climate Change on the Millennium Development Goals 12 Acronyms and Abbreviations GDP Gross domestic product GEF Global Environment Facility GHG Greenhouse gas IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change LDCs Least developed countries LEG Least Developed Countries Expert Group MDGs. So, in the case of climate change, if we could flip a magic switch and turn off all our carbon emissions today, we would still see the impact of the Industrial Revolution on our planet for well.

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climate change -migration nexus in Europe and beyond. Climate Change and Migration . Legal and policy challenges and responses to environmentally induced migration : This document was requested by the European Parliament's Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs. AUTHORS . Albert KRALER, Danube University Krems . Caitlin KATSIAFICAS, International Centre for Migration Policy. How does climate change affect transport infrastructure? School of Civil Engineering academic, Professor David Levinson is a transport engineering expert who says transport infrastructure both contributes to climate change, but can also be affected by it. The issue goes two ways in transport. Typically, road and air transport are considered major contributors to climate change, making up 23. This report—part of the Administration's efforts to support national climate change adaptation planning through the Interagency Climate Change Adaptation Task Force and Strategic Sustainability Planning process established under Executive Order 13514 and to advance the U.S. Department of Energy's goal of promoting energy security—examines current and potential future impacts of these. Greenhouse warming continues to dominate the world's science and policy agenda on global change. One fundamental concern is the impact of this climate change on water supply (1, 2).The question of how human society directly influences the state of the terrestrial water cycle has received much less attention, despite the presence of the socioeconomic equivalent of the Mauna Loa curve, namely. The impact of climate change on coastal tourism is already being felt in some parts of the world. For example, the rising sea level is causing changes in coastal areas in Cua Dai, Vietnam, in one of the significant estuary regions that attract tourists.The vulnerability and risks to such areas are often coupled with a low adaptive capacity, particularly in coastal destinations of developing.

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Guide for Climate Change Resilience Planning . September 2016 . U.S. Department of Energy . Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis . i . ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis (DOE-EPSA) produced this Guide under the direction of Dr. Craig Zamuda. C.W. Gillespie, Matt Antes, and Paget Donnelly of Energetics Incorporated provided. The Arctic has continued to warm at twice the rate of the planet as a whole, and 2016 reinforced that trend. The annual average temperature (from October 2015 to September 2016) was 3.5°F (2°C. The impacts of climate change are likely to be concentrated in low-income countries where poor populations already have compromised heath prospects, health systems are weak, and where the capacity to adapt and address vulnerabilities is limited. However, to mount a proper response there are some fundamental constraints that need to be addressed, which we further discuss in this Essay. The. January 2016 SDN/16/01 I M F S T A F F D I S C U S S I O N N O T E After Paris: Fiscal, Projected Regional and Sectoral Impacts of Climate Change, 2050 or Thereabouts.. 9 3. Impacts of Climate Change.. 11 4. LICs Exposure to Climate-Related Disasters.. 12 5. Domestic Environmental Benefits from Carbon Pricing 2010.. 17 6. Price Experience in the EU ETS.. 19 7. Revenue. Bangladesh, home to 160 million people, is among the countries most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Around 40 per cent of the population here are children. A low-lying delta characterised by a dense network of rivers, Bangladesh has been subjected to natural hazards, regardless of climate change. But as warmer temperatures cause the Himalayan glaciers to melt, a rising sea level.

It requires the modelling of climate hazards (i.e. how the distribution and frequency of natural hazards will change in the future) and proper assessments of infrastructure vulnerability/capacity, engineering standards to withstand disasters, the number of customers served and how infrastructure is interconnected, so that if one service goes down, others are affected as little as possible Climate change is a sustainable development challenge, with broad impacts not only on the environment but also on economic and social development. The effects of climate change will vary among. planned relocation, disasters and climate change: consolidating good practices and preparing for the future report sanremo, italy, 12-14 march 201 Finance for climate change related activities, or climate finance, is a diverse concept. It is in some instances discussed separately or often times integrated with related and overlapping concepts of green finance, sustainable finance, or low-carbon finance. While there is no single definition of climate finance, the closest one can get is provided by the United Nations Framework Convention. vulnerability of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Province to the visible impacts of Climate Change, the Govt of KP decided to formulate a Provincial Climate Change Policy in consultation with Govt line Departments to be more specific, target oriented and also in line with National Climate Change Policy of Pakistan 2012 - thus a Provincial Climate

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With the effects of a changing climate, these designs need to be revisited to improve safety and protection for Canadians. Engineers, under their professional code of ethics, need to be involved in addressing the impacts of changing climate on infrastructure design and operations because it affects public safety and public interest No longer is climate change something only facing future generations—changes to our climate are being documented all across the planet today, and people, animals, and plants are already feeling the heat. This warming signal is also found in ocean temperatures, soil temperatures, melting glaciers, and melting polar ice caps. It has been linked to widespread impacts on ecosystems around the.

a Spring cumulative HDD for control period (1960–1990), b

Climate change will make these risks worse - and make the investments needed to achieve - and maintain - Zero Hunger even greater. The Food Insecurity and Climate Change Vulnerability Index offers a window on our global future up to the 2080s, looking at how climate change may affect future vulnerability to food insecurity. Depending on. 2016 EPA 430-F-16-011. What Climate Change. Means for. Florida. Rising Seas and Retreating Shores . Along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of Florida, the land surface is also . sinking. If the oceans and atmosphere continue to warm, sea level along the Florida coast is likely to rise one to four feet in the next century. Rising sea level submerges wetlands and dry land, erodes beaches, and.

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Looking at inflation, the debate tends to centre on the effects of energy price inflation on the overall index, although other prices may well be affected by climate change too. The EU reference scenario of 2016 suggests that household electricity prices will rise over the coming decades. Others have suggested that the low marginal cost of. and environmental change. In addition to their direct impacts on health, these drivers also interact, often compounding each other's effects on disease landscapes and human vulnerability. Climate change adds yet another dimension, acting as a risk multiplier to the aforementioned factors while driving further changes to vector ecology The health effects of climate change from changes in dietary and weight-related risk factors could be substantial, and exceed other climate-related health impacts that have been estimated. Climate change mitigation could prevent many climate-related deaths. Strengthening of public health programmes aimed at preventing and treating diet and weight-related risk factors could be a suitable. We cover climate science and climate & energy policy, specialising in clear, data-driven articles to improve the understanding of climate change projected changes in climate and physical and biological . coastal processes in the East Coast region (Sections 2-4). This provides a foundation for understanding climate change impacts on, and vulnerability of, coastal communities and key economic sectors, which are discussed in Section 5. It concludes with a discussion of the process of. Boston residents are already affected by extreme heat, rain, snow and flooding. These trends will only continue. The City launched Climate Ready Boston to help Boston plan for the impacts of climate change and build a resilient future. Climate Ready Boston is an ongoing initiative. We work with the community and other partners to advance our vision for a Climate Ready Boston

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