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We Equip the Financial Community With Critical News, Advanced Technology, and Expertise. Refinitiv, Unlock A World Of Data-Driven Opportunities. Learn More and Request Details Einzelwert Empfehlung aus wachstumsstarken Markt. Alle Infos vor der öffentlichen Publikation: Der entscheidende Tick Vorsprung There are two basic ways to backtest a trading strategy: Automated backtesting - that's dedicated to people who are good at coding. This is also the most efficient way to... Manual backtesting - by which you go manually through the charts and find the trades that fit into your trading rules Backtesting is a method of analyzing your current trading strategy's performance during a time-frame within the past. Backtesting a trading strategy helps you assess its behavior during post-factum market scenarios and determine where it stands out and where it falls short. It is a vital tool to help you validate a trading model ex-post

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Bestimmt hast du von einem erfahrenen Trader schonmal das Wort Backtesting gehört. Damit ist die Überprüfung einer Trading Strategie auf Basis historischer Kursentwicklungen gemeint. Also einfach ausgedrückt: Wie hätte die Strategie in der Vergangenheit funktioniert In order to do backtesting successfully a trader first needs to have a trading strategy with a set of rules. This could be a manual strategy where traders find the setups themselves or even an automated trading strategy in which a computer algorithm takes the trades. The two approaches differ when it comes to backtesting Backtesting Strategien müssen zu 100% verlässlich sein. Sie sollten jedes Mal ähnliche Ergebnisse erhalten, wenn Sie Backtesting einer Trading Strategie durchführen. Dies ist das ideale Szenario, das aber nicht in allen Fällen eintritt. Backtesting kann niemals eine perfekte Darstellung realer Märkte sein. Wichtige Vorkommnisse wie Ausbrüche, Verzögerungen oder Widerstände können darin fehlen Backtesting trading strategies can yield valuable feedback from any given strategy. Using your set of parameters from a strategy you found either on social media, trading services, or a trading book will give you the best results. Backtesting allows you to find data like: All of these are very important factors in trading. Backtesting your new ideas allows you to tweak and adjust your ideas.

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  1. Backtesting is the art and science of appraising the performance of a trading or investing strategy by simulating its performance using historical data. You can get a sense of how it performed in the past and its stability and volatility
  2. If you are using MetaTrader, then you have a very easy way that you can start backtesting your trading strategies. The first thing you will need is a trading journal so you can journal your trades as you go through your backtest. Then, on your MT4 or MT5 charts you will want to choose your market and time frame that you want to carry out your backtest. It is very important you make sure that.
  3. Manual backtesting opens the doors to building up neuropaths necessary to build up your confidence as a trader knowing you are applying a strategy backed by past data. And while this is far from any guarantee, your odds of success will definitely increase
  4. 7. Quantshare: Low Price, Broker Agnostic Backtesting, But Challenging to Use. Summary: Stock Backtesting Software Review. There is only a handful of high-quality trading strategy & stock backtesting platforms on the market today. We share 7 of the best broker agnostic and broker-dependent backtesting strategy platforms
  5. Backtesting is a key component of effective trading system development. It is accomplished by reconstructing, with historical data, trades that would have occurred in the past using rules defined..
  6. The Backtesting Expert is a spreadsheet model that allows you to create trading strategies using the technical indicators and running the strategies through historical data. The performance of the strategies can then be measured and analyzed quickly and easily
  7. If you want to backtest a trading strategy using Python, you can 1) run your backtests with pre-existing libraries, 2) build your own backtester, or 3) use a cloud trading platform. Option 1 is our choice. It gets the job done fast and everything is safely stored on your local computer

Backtesting is a vital step when building out trading strategies. The core idea here is to develop a strategy that can be used across an asset class. You want this idea to be implementable any time the conditions of the strategy are met. Sometimes this only applies to a single stock, but other strategies may be viable across whole sectors, asset classes, etc Backtesting is all about testing the viability of that strategy. You can test the strategy with whatever stocks you want. Backtesting provides a host of advantages for algorithmic trading. However, it is not always possible to straightforwardly backtest a strategy. In general, as the frequency of the strategy increases, it becomes harder to correctly model the microstructure effects of the market and exchanges Backtesting is a process of analyzing the performance of a trading strategy with historical data. Traders use the results to compare, fine-tune trading strategies to get the maximum benefits in live trading. In backtesting, three parameters are essential to evaluate the performance of a trading strategy

What is a backtesting strategy? In a trading strategy backtesting seeks to estimate the performance of a strategy or model if it had been employed during a past period (source). The way to analyze the performance of a strategy is to compare it with return, volatility, and max drawdown In this article I will review why backtesting is needed while defining trading strategies, I will provide an actual example of a backtesting setup including tools and steps and I will later describe which are the key statistical parameters/figures that will lead us to meaningful conclusions

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Backtesting is one of the key components of developing your own charting and trading strategy. It's done by reconstructing trades that would have happened in the past with a system based on historical data. The results of backtesting should give you a general idea of whether an investment strategy is effective or not Dann fehlt ja nur noch das Backtesting um die Strategie zu prüfen! Doch Backtesting dauert lange! Verschiedene Währungspaare, Zeitebenen und Ziele: Da kommt einiges zusammen! Schnell schwindet die Motivation. Du testest nicht mehr richtig oder brichst das Testen ab. Mit unserer Backtesting Software war das Pattern Backtesting noch nie so schnell und einfach. Mit einem Klick lässt Du dir. developing & backtesting systematic trading strategies 4 Your business objective states the types of returns you require for your capital, your tail risk objectives, the amount of leverage you intend to or are willing to use, and your drawdown constraints (which are closely related to the leverage you intend to employ). Some of the constraints on your business objective may be dictated by the. backtesting — Sehen Sie sich die Trading Ideen, Strategien, Meinungen und Analysen absolut kostenlos an! — Indikatoren und Signal

How to backtest a trading strategy using Tradingview, MetaTrader4 or any other Forex trading platform.Sign up for TradingView and get up to a $30 bonus by us.. Backtesting is a mathematical simulation used by traders to evaluate the performance of a trading strategy. The simulation leverages historical market data in an attempt to calculate how well a trading strategy would have done in the past. At its core, backtesting is a way for traders to try predicting whether or not a strategy will be.

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Backtesting however, can help you quickly filter out strategies that simply do not work. It is also important that you test your strategy on multiple markets and time frames. Trader statistics have shown that some markets are more likely to be profitable than others and this can vary for you depending on how you trade and your method. Safe trading Stock Backtesting works as an approval to implement a trading strategy with real money. For example, say, you want to check a technique that supports the notion that Internet IPOs outperform the general market. If you were to test this trading strategy during the late 90s, the procedure would outperform the market significantly. However, the. We write a simple backtester in python to test an example of a trading strategyThe code is available in my github repository:https://github.com/marekkolman/y.. Data-driven Trading Strategies. Decide. What stock to pick? When to buy? When to sell? Which strategy yields profit and which one leads to loss? Emotions like fear and greed are natural in trading, but can be costly and get in the way of optimal outcomes. Our trade strategy backtesting platform takes the emotions out of trading by helping you create an effective data-driven trade strategy. (CFD Service, 72% of retail lose money) Access to numerous Financial Markets. Interested in Stock CFDs trading? Trade with advanced analysis tools

Which is where backtesting comes in. Backtesting is the process of taking a trading strategy idea and simulating it against historical price action to see how it would have performed over that period of time. Choosing the Right Platform. You have two basic options when it comes to backtesting, and they both have their pros and cons. The one. Identify a trading strategy that suits your personality. Find some stocks to check with a structured backtest. Identify changes and improvement and process the final backtesting. Implement Backtest Stock Strategies. If your trading strategy can pass through these steps, you can use it for living. All you need to do is follow the trading system accordingly with appropriate money management. Backtesting Trading Strategies in 5 Simple Steps: Moving Averages. Leverage historical data for backtesting the MA crossover trading strategy. Pritish Jadhav. Follow. Feb 15 · 7 min read. Imagine. Backtesting a trading strategy in Forex or any other type of market is vital if you want to have a profitable strategy or if you want to optimize your strategy to gain better results. Sometimes your strategy is performed without any EAs or trading robots so you need to take a manual approach, however, doing all the backtesting completely manually is very hard so we can do that with the help of. Backtesting is the bread and butter of creating trading strategies and edges. During a backtest, a new strategy is run through past data to ascertain its effectiveness. This has a lot of advantages such as being able to see the strategy in action as well as determining whether or not you need to change some of the parameters in order to see it work

Backtesting Trading Strategies Using Wolfram Finance PlatformTM | 7. Financial indicators as signals for strategies Wolfram Finance Platform comes with a wide range of financial indicators that can be used as the basis of any number of trading strategies. There are 98 such indicators all together: FinancialIndicator@AllD 8AbsolutePriceOscillator, AccelerationBands, AccumulationDistributionLine. Creating trading strategies. 6. Backtesting and Comparing the results. Step-1 : Importing required libraries. Firstly, to perform our process of creating trading strategies, we have to import the.

Successful Backtesting of Algorithmic Trading Strategies - Part I. This article continues the series on quantitative trading, which started with the Beginner's Guide and Strategy Identification. Both of these longer, more involved articles have been very popular so I'll continue in this vein and provide detail on the topic of strategy backtesting. Algorithmic backtesting requires knowledge of. Python library for backtesting trading strategies & analyzing financial markets (formerly pythalesians) python trading-strategies backtesting-trading-strategies Updated May 12, 2021; Python; anfederico / clairvoyant Sponsor Star 2.2k Code Issues Pull requests Software designed to identify and monitor social/historical cues for short term stock movement . machine-learning stock-market support. Backtesting Trading Strategies. There's no shortage of statistical feedback from testing. So you have to be specific about your particular trading strategy and which statistics you think will be helpful for you. Here are some of the most common statistics traders seek out: Averages — average gain and average loss, given in a percentage; Net profit/loss; Return — the percentage of return.

Backtesting trading strategies: less sorcery and more statistics on your side. Mario Emmanuel. May 28, 2019 · 16 min read. Photo by M. B. M. on Unsplash. In this article I will review why backtesting is needed while defining trading strategies, I will provide an actual example of a backtesting setup including tools and steps and I will later describe which are the key statistical parameters. Backtesting evaluates the viability of an online trading strategy by discovering how it will develop using historical data. This is very common among intermediate to casual traders, to the point that no strategy is used in real-time until it has shown reliable and consistent results when backed up against history over a long period With backtesting trading strategies, we actually go back in time and try to see how the present hypothesis would work. The main benefit here is that a trader can choose any period with the same features and factors if compared to the represent one and adjust the current trading strategy to the historical timeframe with the same outcome. Sounds very effective but complex. Not until you figure.

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Backtesting is an excellent first step in helping you determine if a strategy has an edge or not. Since you can run through historical data very quickly in backtesting, this gives you a lot more data than if you only traded in a demo or live account. Testing that might take months or years in demo trading, can be completed in a matter of days or weeks with backtesting. You can also practice a. The goal of backtesting is to see how well a strategy would have performed in the past. 10 rules for backtesting trading strategies. Don't test a strategy developed during a bear market in a bull market. Don't test a strategy developed with a small universe in a large universe. Never test a strategy developed with low volatility in high. I am starting a paid service for backtesting your trading strategies on Nifty spot, BankNifty spot, Nifty50 stocks, Nifty options & BankNifty options. I will write code exclusively for your strategy, and test it on upto 12 years of data. I will provide a few months of analysis for free for the choice of your underlying. If you like it, you can request for more months by paying a certain amount.

Backtesting is a manual or systematic method of determining whether a trading strategy or concept has been profitable in the past. A trader can manually backtest a strategy or use backtesting software to help determine if a trading strategy is likely a waste of time and money, or if it shows promise and profitability in a variety of markets.. Since backtesting does not always require software. Trading Strategies Backtesting With Python Learn how to code and backtest different trading strategies for Forex or Stock markets with Python. Rating: 4.1 out of 5 4.1 (85 ratings) 6,350 students Created by Jaro Algo. Last updated 12/2020 English English [Auto] Add to cart. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee . Share. What you'll learn. How to install and set up Python and related libraries used in. Backtesting The Importance of Backtesting Trading Strategies Backtesting is the general method for seeing how well a strategy or model would have done ex-post. Backtesting assesses the viability of a trading strategy by discovering how it would play out using historical data. If backtesting works, traders and analysts may have the confidence to employ i Backtesting.py is a Python framework for inferring viability of trading strategies on historical (past) data. Of course, past performance is not indicative of future results, but a strategy that proves itself resilient in a multitude of market conditions can, with a little luck, remain just as reliable in the future

We have already covered the backtesting of trading strategies in this blog (see Backtest Trading Strategies Like a Real Quant), so let us up the ante: if you want to learn how to backtest options strategies, read on!. Options trading strategies are strategies where you combine, often several, derivatives instruments to create a certain risk-return profile (more on that here: Financial. Backtesting software Backtesting a trading strategy is highly computationally intensive. Fortunately, we can rely on the power of technology to simplify this process. Head over to PyInvesting's moving average backtest where we will backtest our moving average crossover strategy. PyInvesting is a backtesting software that I built for users to go live with their investment strategies on the. Backtesting software that only allows you to use 1 or 2 data sets won't give you the full picture of how well a strategy works. But overall, this strategy was profitable across the board. So if this strategy interests you, it might be worth checking out. Be sure to test it a few times with different data feeds before moving it into forward. Supports backtesting of multiple trading strategies in a single unified portfolio. Supports dozens of intraday and daily bar types. Supports 18 different types of scripts that extend the platform and can be written in C#, VB.NET, F# and R.NET. Supports a Connectivity SDK which can be used to connect the platform to any data or brokerage provider. Professional Edition - $99/Month. Enterprise. backtesting — Check out the trading ideas, strategies, opinions, analytics at absolutely no cost! — Indicators and Signal

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Quantitative systematic trading strategy development and backtesting in Julia. Liualgotrader ⭐ 116. Framework for algorithmic trading. Tradingview Alert Binance Trader ⭐ 110. This trading bot listens to the TradingView alert emails on your inbox and executes trades on Binance based on the parameters set on the TD alerts. Auquan Toolbox Python ⭐ 109. Backtesting toolbox for trading. Trading Strategien für Daytrading, Swing & Positions Trading, Forex Trading und Aktien inklusive Backtests und Einstiegssignalen. Lerne wie diese optimal eingesetzt werden Backtesting: Harnessing the Past to Test Your Trading Strategies. Backtesting with past data can help determine the likelihood of a trade playing out a certain way. OnDemand on thinkorswim can backtest stocks, options, futures, and forex trading strategies. By Chad Cocco. March 30, 2021 5 min read. 5 min read. Photo by Getty Images. Key Takeaways

Backtesting involves defining a trading strategy's rules, usually through software, for use with market data from a specified period. Statistics are then extracted from the results to gauge how effective the strategy could be in real markets. This belief is driven by the theory that past successful strategies are likely to work well in the future. While it isn't the case every time, it. Backtesting assesses the viability of a trading strategy or pricing model by discovering how it would have played out retrospectively using historical data Trading Strategy Tester Test and optimize your trading robot before you use it for real trading. The built-in MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester facilitates the testing of automated robot performance in trading. This powerful tool not only allows testing the efficiency of an Expert Advisor, but also allows detecting the best input parameters before you run the EA on your real account. The entire. Backtesting A Simple Trading Strategy For Covered Call Funds. Juan has previously worked as a fixed income trader, financial analyst, operations analyst, and economics professor in Canada and. Backtesting your trading strategy may show you that the strategy would have worked in the past. But the forex market is dynamic and there is no guarantee that a strategy that was profitable in the past will remain profitable in the future. In other words, past results are not a foolproof indication of future performance. It's useful to have another test that helps determine the soundness of.

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  1. TradingView India. backtesting — Check out the trading ideas, strategies, opinions, analytics at absolutely no cost! — Indicators and Signal
  2. e a trading strategy's output. The simulation makes use of historical market evidence to deter
  3. I recently read a post on ETF Prophet that explored an interesting stock trading strategy in Excel. The strategy is simple: Find the high point of the stock over the last 200 days, and count the number of days that have elapsed since that high. If its been more less than 100 days, own the stock. If it's been more than 100 days, don't own it.
  4. Automated Trading Systems can take out the emotion and enforce discipline in a system. A trader needs to create an accurate and high-frequency strategy and then program to build an efficient automated trading system. (Learn the syntax of MQL here) Backtesting, through strategy tester in MT4, certainly differentiates a good strategy from worst

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Korrektes Backtesting erfordert sehr viel Erfahrung. Es wird eine Handelsstrategie auf die Gültigkeit in der Vergangenheit geprüft. Auch wenn die Trade-Auswertungen auf den ersten Blick sehr gut erscheinen, können viele Fragen zum Handelssystem erst im Nachhinein und bei einem Live-Einsatz der Strategie beantwortet werden Extensible Excel Add-in for backtesting simple trading strategies. quantitative-finance backtesting-trading-strategies asset-management excel-dna excel-addin Updated Apr 4, 2020; C#; mithil957 / Backtest Star 0 Code Issues Pull requests Back-tested a stock trading idea I had . python stock-market algotrading backtesting-trading-strategies stock-trading Updated Dec 27, 2018; Jupyter Notebook. Excel Trading Spreadsheet for Backtesting Strategies [box type=bio] Jayantha has been selected as Campus Ambassador at AlgoJi- 2017. He is pursuing B.Tech. + M.Tech. (Dual Degree) from IIT BHU. His hobbies include maths and music.[/box]Excel Trading Spreadsheet shows you how to code and backtest a strategy in Excel using simple programming. In the Excel trading spreadsheet, we have taken.

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This example shows how to perform backtesting of portfolio strategies that incorporate investment signals in their trading strategy. The term signals includes any information that a strategy author needs to make with respect to trading decisions outside of the price history of the assets. Such information can include technical indicators, the outputs of machine learning models, sentiment data. Manual backtesting of a trading strategy requires time and discipline. However, if done right it will give you a good idea of the strategy's success rate. Remember that you are backtesting a strategy for your own benefit. In addition, manual backtesting will give you a better understanding of the market and allow you to practice determining entry and exit levels. It's important to.

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The Strategy Tester. 3. The Strategy Tester will open on the bottom of the platform. Here's what the settings are for... A. Use Date: if this box is checked, it will back-test only this date range. HOWEVER, it can only backtest data that you have available in your charts.Click on the chart you will be testing then click the Home key on your keyboard and it will scroll back to the first. In a trading strategy, investment strategy, or risk modeling, backtesting seeks to estimate the performance of a strategy or model if it had been employed during a past period. This requires simulating past conditions with sufficient detail, making one limitation of backtesting the need for detailed historical data. A second limitation is the inability to model strategies that would affect. Das Trading-Journal ist ein Hilfsmittel, die Ergebnisse von Handelssystem und Strategie zu überwachen. Zuerst sehen Sie dadurch, ob Sie sich beim Trading an die Regeln der Handelsstrategien halten. Vergleichen Sie dazu die Parameter und Indikatoren vom Backtesting mit den wirklichen Zahlen. Zweitens informieren die Daten Sie darüber, ob die Gewinne und Ergebnisse Ihrer Handelsstrategien den. Backtesting.py. Backtest trading strategies with Python. Project website. Documentation. Installation $ pip install backtesting Usage from backtesting import Backtest, Strategy from backtesting.lib import crossover from backtesting.test import SMA, GOOG class SmaCross (Strategy): def init (self): price = self. data. Close self. ma1 = self. I. Results of my ML trading strategy. This post will cover: Basic strategy; Fine-tuning the strategy for easy implementation and diversification; Strategy parameters and optimizing them; Strategy performance metrics; Backtesting; Recap: In the first post, we built an XGBoost model to predict if the price will increase by more than 5% in the next.

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Now, to get you started with simple back testing of strategies i will suggest working in the following steps. define your strategy. 2. create an array or add a column to your xts object that will represent your position for each day. 1 for long, 0 for no position and -1 for short (later on you can play with the number for leverage) Trading-Seminar online. Beschreibung LIVE Strategie-Entwicklung & Backtesting (Online-Seminar) Datum: 24.04.2021 Uhrzeit: 10.00 bis ca. 14.00 Uhr Teilnehmerzahl: Maximal 20 (aufgrund der individuellen Inhalte und des anschließenden Umtrunks) Seminarform: online, bequem per Webinarsoftware (keine Installation notwendig) Thema: LIVE Strategie-Entwicklung & Backtesting Referenten: René Wolfram. Backtesting. I am an intraday and positional trader with 10+ years of coding experience. I have started a paid service to get your strategy backtested on Nifty, BankNifty, Nifty100 stocks, Nifty options & BankNifty options. I will write code exclusively for your strategy, and backtest it on past many years of data. To get your strategy backtested, contact me on tradewithoptionji@gmail.com or.

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Whether you need day trading software or you invest for longer periods, MultiCharts has features that may help achieve your trading goals. High-definition charting, built-in indicators and strategies, one-click trading from chart and DOM, high-precision backtesting, brute-force and genetic optimization, automated execution and support for EasyLanguage scripts are all key tools at your disposal There are four steps when manual backtesting a trading strategy. Step 1: Open the chart of a currency pair on which you want to backtest your strategy, and scroll the chart to a previous period. On most trading platforms, you can simply drag & drop to change the date of the chart. Also make sure that all indicators and other tools that are part of your strategy are applied to the chart. In our. Backtesting CAMPBELL R. HARVEY AND YAN LIU CAMPBELL R. HARVEY is a professor at Duke University in Durham, NC, and a research asso-ciate at the National Bureau of Economic Research in Cambridge, MA. cam.harvey@duke.edu YAN LIU is an assistant professor at Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. y-liu@mays.tamu.edu A common practice in evaluating backtests of trading strategies is to.

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Guide to Forex Backtesting - Gain confidence in your trading strategy . There is one thing that connects all professional traders - they have 100% trust in their trading strategy. If you want to join this elite club of traders, you need to know what to expect from your trading strategy. This is quite a complicated task since none of us can see the future, but thanks to the historical data. The backtesting tool tests your strategy in combination with your configuration. It scans when your Hopper would've bought and what the result would've been with your current setup. It's a perfect way to analyze if your Stop-Loss, Trailing Stop-Loss, and other settings are set correct. We recommend first testing your Strategy Builder strategies so that you have an excellent strategy to work. Backtest Your Trading Strategy With Binance Futures Historical Data 1. Picking the right futures market - Binance offers a vast selection of crypto futures contracts, each with varying... 2. Historical data covering different market conditions - Market factors and major announcements often dictate. Supports both long and short strategies.Realistic trade-by rules to mimic real life trading. Mix-and-match any combination of technical indicator, price action, chart pattern, volume, or time-based conditions you can dream of. See if your strategies stand the test of time by backtesting with over 20+ years of historical market data

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System Trader Academy's Python Backtesting + Live Automation Course. One day, you learn that trading can make you rich. You learn about few indicators that can tell you when to buy and sell. You probably learn about few strategies from friends and colleagues. You're excited about making money in the stock market. Finally, you can give your parents a better life. Finally, you can buy your. General Trading Strategy Discussion ; Why bother backtesting? Why bother backtesting? By dmedin, October 2, 2020 in Just to be clear, by backtesting I meant simple MA strategies or manual backtesting. I have zero ability and zero interest in 'writing algorithms.' So if I can't trade using charts, I can't trade at all and S&P 500 ETF beckons. Link to post. jlz 243 Posted October 4, 2020. Strategy trading has a number of significant advantages when compared to intuition-based trading. Institutional traders have been using trading strategies for a long time, while private traders had very limited tools to create trading strategies that work. Backtesting. Two main components are necessary to create successful strategies a realistic trading simulation and consideration of all the.

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Forex trading backtesting software can be a very useful tool for traders. Instead of spending weeks, experimenting with demo accounts, this allows traders to test dozens of strategies in a single day. Traders then can choose those techniques that prove to be the most effective on backtesting. START TRADING IN 10 MINUTES. Apply everything you've learnt on a real trading account with up to 1. Automated Trading Strategies with R 3rd April 2014 Richard Pugh, Commercial Director rpugh@mango-solutions.com . Agenda •Overview of Mango •Data Analytics •Introduction to Backtesting •The Backtesting Project •Leveraging Oracle R Enterprise •Summary . Overview of Mango Solutions . Mango in a nutshell • Providers of analytic products and services • Specialise in analytic. Backtesting - MT4 strategy tester When traders enter the market, whether it's Forex, stocks, or anything else, they employ a certain trading strategy that is ultimately designed to increase their profitable outcomes. While they cannot test their strategies in real life - otherwise it will probably end in severe financial implications, - traders use a method called backtesting Home Backtesting Trading Books with Backtesting Results. Trading Books with Backtesting Results. Posted By: Steve Burns on: November 10, 2020. Click here to get a PDF of this post . Backtesting shows a trader how their signals for entries and exits would have performed in the past. While a backtest of past data doesn't guarantee that a signal will work in the future it can quickly show you. If your strategy has totally different results in SQ and in TS/MC, then there is something wrong with your setup and you have to solve it before moving forward. Backtesting engine in SQ was made to match TS/MC trading engines, so if you see the differences it is most likely in different data or configuration between both programs

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